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Hindu Foundation     

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 Victoria Australia

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Principles of the Hindu Foundation

Hindu Foundation aspires to attain and promote social welfare, poverty relief, family life, quality of life, health, longevity, happiness and education. We also promote multiculturalism, tolerance, love of humanity, unity in diversity, peaceful co-existence of people and living in harmony with nature.

We will accomplish this through:

The objectives of the Hindu Foundation are:

1. promote and assist the development of all aspects of social welfare by assisting the work of statutory authorities and voluntary organizations engaged in relieving poverty, distress, sickness, suffering, destitution or helplessness or in pursuing objects which now are may hereafter be deemed to be charitable

2. provide and further co-operate assist in the achievement of the above purposes and to that end extend offer consultation to the authorities and organizations engaged in the advancement of the matter furtherance of the above purposes or any of them

3. promote and carry out or assist in promoting and carrying out surveys related to needs of people in the field of welfare and to arranging for forwarding progressive to authorities and organizations and providing a feedback such surveys for active remedial actions

4. promote, assist or carry out special projects of research to advance and assist works of statutory authorities and voluntary organizations alleviating the poverty and distress and improving social conditions and quality of life in the community

5. develop an informed public opinion on matters related to citizen welfare by arranging or providing for assisting to arrange or provide for the holding of exhibitions, meeting, lectures, seminars or other public functions

6. compile, print and publish such material as would to further endorse the objectives of the Hindu Foundation

7. provide an advisory service on matters of welfare and general well being of citizens

8. act as a channel of enquiry for all relevant authorities in the promotion of social services of a charitable benevolent or in general nature

9. organize highest levels of lectures, meeting and conventions and promote avenues to assist all governments; including the United Nations and all it’s agencies in the development of their strategies and programs targeted to benefit all citizens irrespective of their beliefs, geographical situations and political affiliations.

10. Advocate and endorse Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam The World Is One Family

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Our Founders

Panditji Abhay Awasthi - justice of the peace (JP), Master of Arts (Honours) Melbourne University

Biography (coming soon)

Retired Senior Superintendent - D S Naidu, FPM, CPLSM, FIM. - Royal Fiji Police. 1951 to 1985 Service to Royal Police Fiji.

Biography (coming soon)